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Another Unsatisfied Customer

Today I went in to the local little place I use to mail packages to people. Postal Plus, family owned and operated by very nice folks. Miss Hilda, one of the owners, is extra sweet, and she's got such a wonderful sense of humor.

Today I took in my OLD and trusty Gateway CPU to send up to a friend in NY. I honestly have to say, that first computer I bought through them, and that first sales rep we spoke with, were simply AWESOME. The rep got us a better deal for our money, more for our money, and the system lasted forever, and came to us without any major malfunctions.

But as I have stated before, we got that Gateway about six or seven years ago. That was when they were first coming out on the market and trying to make a place for themselves. That was before their Country Stores. That was before their service dropped.

So anyway, Hilda and I are packaging up the CPU and padding it good, and I pay, and she asks about the computer. I told her it was an old Gateway that would probably get made into a slave or assimilated. Then she just suddenly blurted that they had a Gateway at home and it had never been anything but trouble.

She explained that when they got it, it would turn on and begin booting, then randomly turn off. She couldn't explain more to me for lack of computer knowhow, but she said after trying constantly to get it fixed, they never had. So they just dealt with it. But she said she'd never buy one again, and she'd never recommend them to anyone else.

So I mentioned the way Gateway screwed us over. She was amazed and appalled at the same time, and said she'd be sure and warn others.

Anyway.... let me see if I can dig up that little report I did...
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