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Night Of Computer Bashing!

I am laughing soooooooooooo hard right now. Damn do I hate it when I have computer problems, but it's so amazingly amusing when you have dealt with computers of all varieties enough to understand the inside jokes and general geek humor, or random vid clips you might come across.

Anyone who hasn't already seen this will get a grand kick out of it. Especially if you are familiar with both Macs *and* PCs!

Computer humor ganked from drakenhart: http://www.waveworks.net/mac.html

So here I am, replaying the addictive thing for about an hour now, and talking with drakenhart.....

Drakenhart: *is still laughing over the mac.swf*
Lhunpaurwen: ::Giggles lots:: I showed it to a handful of friends who'd understand from their own experiences, and they all cracked up laughing.
Drakenhart: hehe :)
Lhunpaurwen: LMAO!
Drakenhart: ^.^
Lhunpaurwen: One of my friends even has a Mac herself, and she just tried to launch the vid, and the program suddenly just closed, poof!
Drakenhart: LOL
Drakenhart: *dies*
Drakenhart: you should post this convo serious that's just damn funny!
Lhunpaurwen: LOL I'm gonna!
Lhunpaurwen: I can't stop replaying the damned thing, LOL
Drakenhart: ^.^ ditto!
Drakenhart: Mac killed my Inner Child!
Drakenhart: XD
Lhunpaurwen: LOL

Ahem! Then earlier there was the musing over the way Microsoft has been releasing so many damned critical updates/patches recently, especially for IE related things, and especially for security issues. Here I go to do the update and read their generic message...

Security issues identified in Microsoft [*insert product name here*] could allow an attacker to compromise systems with [*insert product name here*] installed (even if [*insert product name here*] is not used). For example, an attacker could run programs on a computer used to view the attacker's Web site. Download this update from Microsoft to help protect your computer. After installation, you may have to restart your computer.

.... and I think to myself... didn't I already install this? Well, that's Microsloth for ya. The fix really doesn't fix anything! Yet all of their coding and program errors leave users open to the same damned thing ....

Security issues identified in Microsoft could allow an attacker to compromise systems with any Microsoft product running (even if it's being run in a non-Microsoft environment.). In fact, even if the word Microsoft is mentioned anywhere on your system, an attacker could use this as a platform to launch a malicious attack against your system, giving them the ability to launch any code they wish. Just by reading this notice, you are at risk. Downloading this patch will not fix the issue, because it is made by Microsoft. Click OK to continue.

Microsloth Goodness™
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