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Why the cow?

I'll prolly get in trouble for this, cause it was told in confidence by a senior tech, who had been working for Gateway for many years...
But dont give a shit anymore.

The Cow

K, apparently a long time ago, when the guy who started Gateway (cant recall his name at the moment)... lived on a farm, in a hick town. He had to drive along this long road, every morning to his job in town, where he 'worked'. In his spare time he tried his hand at computers, trying to buid the perfect one. (in his fathers barn no less)....

Well one day he was driving along this same road... and came across a dead cow in the middle of the road...
He got out, examined the beast, making sure it wasnt still alive.. and just out of curiosity, (I imagine he didnt see many dead cows, living on a farm and such.)

And BINGO!!!

He got it!!!

For who knows what reasons, the dead cow lying in the middle of the road was his imspiration for the famous 'cow box', in which all Gateways are packaged.. and now the lovely and entertaining 'mow' character on all the television commercials.

You probably think Im making this up.... :shakes head: nope... wish I were.. after hearing that story I felt rather dirty for working for Gateway and having to keep my little horrible secret, that the Gateway cow is in fact and has been for many years..... dead.... lying on the side of a country road...

Gives a whole new meaning to the 'cow box'..... doesnt it?
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