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Gateway SUCKS? Part 1

Our own fun with Gateway. Mike (my boyfriend) and I have been sitting here going through websites we have found where other people have complained about how badly they have been treated and how much trouble they have experienced. Without further delay, here's a post Mike compiled in response to one comment on a website we found.

Gateway sucks? Come on, give me a break...

You're being too nice!!

Gateway is far beyond suck.

Now, I remember when I first heard of Gateway. Granted, I didn't know much about computers at the time. Well, I did, but nothing compared to what I know today. Gateway seemed to be pretty cool. Go online, buy a PC, have good support. Simple, right? So what happened? Gateway got big. It went from a guy in his barn with his cow, to a mega corporation. The second they became popular, their service dropped.

Here's another horror story to add to the long list. My girlfriend had purchased a Gateway PC before I met her (back when Gateway was still pretty respectable *cough*). From what I can see, it wasn't a bad system, and I'm not aware of any problems she had with them afterwards. The real problems started when they contacted her two years ago about their upgrade program.

Now, before I continue, let's see what upgrade actually means.

Definition as a noun.

Main Entry: [1]up·grade
Pronunciation: '&p-"grAd
Function: noun
Date: 1873
1 : an upward grade or slope

Definition as a transitive verb.

Main Entry: [2]up·grade
Pronunciation: '&p-"grAd, "&p-'
Function: transitive verb
Date: 1901
: to raise or improve the grade of: as

a : to improve (livestock) by use of purebred sires

b : to advance to a job requiring a higher level of skill especially as part of a training program

c : to raise the quality of

d : to raise the classification and usually the price of without improving the quality

e : to extend the usefulness of (as a device)

Now, it would seem Gateway seems to pay most attention to the second to last one, D. Increase the price, decrease the quality. The friendly sales rep called and assured my girlfriend that she would receive a full upgrade of her current system. She was supposed to get the latest everything. So, who would turn down a deal like that? She accepted, and was promptly billed for the system.

When the system arrived, she was on vacation at the time, so her mother set it aside in a room, and it sat there for about two months until she returned home. I was there, and we set this beautiful brand new system up. Low and behold, it was already fishy. On her last system, she had a DVDROM drive, a CDRW drive, and a ZIP drive. It seemed this only had a CDRW drive on it. Odd.
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