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gatewaysucks's Journal

H.O.M.E - Haters Of Mooing Evil
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This is a place to talk about everything dealing with computers.

It is also a place to talk about Gateway computers in particular.

Gateway is far beyond suck.

Remember when you first heard of Gateway computers?  Gateway seemed to be pretty cool. Go online, buy a PC, have good support. Simple, right? So what happened? Gateway got big. It went from a guy in his barn with his cow, to a mega corporation. The second they became popular, the moment their 'Country Stores" appeared, their service dropped.

This community is dedicated to giving people a voice.  Had a bad experience of your own with Gateway or other companies?  Know someone who has?  Then this is the place for you!  We encourage you to speak up and not be swept under the rug.  Tell your story.  Express your feelings.  Find a juicy link to another site that shows just why Gateway sucks?  How much other computer companies suck? Share it with us.

As far as rules go: The only thing asked is that members refrain from flaming each other.  We're here to flame Gateway, and other computer related things.  Not everyone who owns a computer necessarily knows how it works inside and out. So rather than belittle someone for lacking knowledge, be kind and try and help them.  Chances are most Gateway owners have already gotten the shove around.  Lets change this.  Information rather than misinformation.

Also note that this is not the place to advertise where you work in hopes of getting commissions. I don't care if you work for Dell or Gateway either one. Just because the name of the community is "Gateway Sucks" that doesn't mean any of us feel any better about Dell. Most people here probably won't, because they're tired of being jerked around by corporations and salespeople trying to make more sales for their commissioned pay. Take it somewhere else. There are plenty of appropriate communities out there.

With that said, we welcome you to the community and hope you enjoy your stay.

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