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Gateway Horror

Here's a number of websites with many different stories from various people and their experiences with Gateway.


For the one above, once you read the main article there, if you decide to "read all comments" to see what others said, you have to start at the bottom of the page that is displayed for any of it to make any sense. The bottom is the oldest posts, the top the newest. So you have to read bottom to top for the replies to make sense. This is the one Mike and I responded to.


Harr harr, what a greaaaat deal. 2,000 Preloaded songs. But miss a payment? All your songs go poof.

Melting hard drive?

This one gave me a good laugh. It's some people going back and forth on a forum, one person's hard drive died, but it was a defect drive and they got a refund. But one of the replies mentioned a Gateway computer's hard drive melting.

In stock... or not?

Long list of feedback from various people. Handful of good, but the majority bad. The common complaint seems to be that Gateway has developed yet another nasty habit of claiming that a product is in stock, even sending notification to let you know your orders are on their way, when indeed they are not.


Nice little rant from yet another person who got screwed over by Gateway. Even wrote to the CEO! Not that it helped any, I figure.

And that's all for now. That should leave plenty of reading material to anyone really interested.
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