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Allo all :) NarNar here. Nar is here to tell you how much her gateway piece of shit sucks and a few other stories about how their service sucks.
first off yes, it arrived at my door all spick n span in its shiney new decieving box of COW SPOTTED HELL. it runs the evil system of "ME" of windows (*le cry*) with this pice of crap i have gone through 5 hard drive crashes within the last 3 years one of which was within 1 month of getting it >:P~
i spent HOURS on the phone with their shitty MC ShitShit servie Reps all telling me differnt things on what to do, how to do it.. etc.. all an all thi took up 6 hours of my night and a few thoughts frustrated tears later.
The next crash wasnt a crash at all, but 4 weeks in a service department because you cant open a gateway tower yourself without fucking with the warentee >.> *innocent whistles* well my floppy drive died. only reason i NEEDED a floppy was because it had the drivers for my ethernet card (sp?) which let me use my cable modem. so we had to take it into "doctor death's" waited... next thing they tell me is "oh well your CD rom is broken too.. our error..*waits* 3 weeks and 900 phone calls later i get it back... take it home, plug it in, the ASSHOLES forgot to connect my 2 CD rom drioves and my ZIP. *screams*
shove inbetween that a few HD fuckups because "moo makers" did not like what i put on my HD and decided to blow up in my face...
so yea.. lesson leaned kiddies.. gateway blows. dont buy.
"k1LL t3H K0wZ?!?!?//!"
i'm done :)
hello.. my name is Naryu and i have a gateway problem :P
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