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Gateway SUCKS? Part 2

Well, that wasn't too bad, right? Wrong. Upon turning this wonderful piece of Gateway technology on, what do we discover? The registry is corrupt. Now, wouldn't this be the best time to take advantage of our wonderful Gateway warranty and call up their 'expert' technicians? Of course!

Eight hours, six techs, three supervisors, and one big headache later, what is the result? Format your hard drive and reinstall Windoze! (Yes, WinDOZE, Windoze ME *gag* if you're curious)

Well, that would be simple, if we had the disks, right? We didn't have them. After being assured the disks would arrive in a week (that took a lot of arguing on its own), we sat back and waited. One week passed, no disks. Again, phone fun with Gateway. Well, I gave up. I decided to fix the system myself. Ten minutes later, I had it up and running. Why didn't I do that in the first place? I'm still trying to figure that out myself, heh.

Next step? Transfer all the files from the old system to the new, with this amazing data-transfer cable that our loving sales rep ASSURED us would work. Lying @#$%!!! It didn't work (big surprise, huh?). Well, after more complaining, we were supposed to be reimbursed for the cable ($50). Two years later, we're still waiting.

Needless to say, the system annoyed us so much, we gave up on it for a time. She continued to use her old system, which worked just fine, until a few days ago. Now, it's starting to fall apart. So, we turn to our supposedly better and upgraded computer. Sitting down behind it for more than ten minutes, I discover that it isn't really much of an upgrade at all. (Just for anyone who's wondering, I don't actually live with my g/f, I come to visit when I can, long distance thing, so I don't really sit behind her computers all day).

Here's an example.

Old System - 32MB Video Card.
New System - 16MB Video Card.

Old System - Sound Blaster Live.
New System - Sound Blaster PCI128.

Now for our wonderful upgrades!

Old System - P3 Xeon 550Mhz
New System - P4 1.3Ghz (A pretty good jump)

Old System - 18GB Hard Drive
New System - 20GB Hard Drive (Big upgrade, huh?)

Old System - 128MB RAM
New System - 256MB RAM (still not too much of an increase)

Old System - DVDROM, CDRW, ZIP Drive
New System - CDRW

And so on... What a rip. Now it seems we call Gateway, and they have no record of the hours of calls to Customer Service that we made throughout the years, complaining about this POS upgrade. Seems we got hit with a big broom and took a ride under the carpet. They won't do anything for us. At least the last rep we spoke with agreed we got screwed badly. Too bad he isn't the owner, heh.

So in the end? Gateway more than sucks.

Even this doesn't fit, but will have to do. Gateway is...

Main Entry: hor·ren·dous
Pronunciation: ho-'ren-d&s, hä-, h&-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin horrendus, from gerundive of horrEre
Date: 1659
: perfectly horrid : DREADFUL

Some random PC Tech who hates Gateway. A.K.A Mike
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